Monday, 18 May 2009

Talita e seu depoimento sobre a mudanca para Escócia


Since I was 13 years old, I lived in Brazil with my parents and two brothers. I had friends, school, I went to beach when the weather were hot, I had all my family there and all people speaks my language, Portuguese, that I understand. I was happy to live my “normal” life when my parents decided that we should learn English and we were going to move to Scotland, Edinburgh, a place that I didn’t knew. I liked the idea to move to another country, learn English in a place where everybody speaks the language it’s more quickly the only thing I didn’t liked was to be far from my friends.
7 of December, I arrived in Birmingham. I stayed 3 hours at the immigration office. These 3 hours was like 3 years in jail, sitting with nothing to do and couldn’t go to anywhere, just the toilet. Finally, I arrived in Edinburgh. The first thing I felt was cold, very cold. For people who go out of a hot country to a cold country, I was feeling like I was inside a refrigerator.
Two days past, I was at Prince Street, everybody speaking English and I couldn’t understand nothing like people of other planet. In the middle of January I started at school that was so different from Brazil, I felt like “lost in the world”, I just understand some simple phrases like “hi, how are you”.
The first day that snowed it was night and I was watching TV when my brother said: “look, it’s snowing”. I got to window, I was so surprised that I went out of my house wearing my pyjamas then I walking and dancing in the snow. That day was the better day of my life. I think that I like my come to Scotland. Here is cold but I love the snow!
To learn English is important for me to get a good job after. I make some Scottish friends but I think to come back to Brazil some day. I like Edinburgh all is good here, but I’ve been missing my relatives, my friends and my Country, Brazil.

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